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Haafiza Sayed’s work is a synthesis of contemporary realism, landscape study, and abstract. She uses the subtlety of lines, textures, and symbols to convey complex, often surreal themes through simple imagery. She likes to incorporate traces of realism into semi-abstract landscapes, to convey the essence of the place and capture its moment of fleeting magic. Her surrealist work explores the emotional and mental spheres of human existence and shared experiences, often reflective and spiritual in nature.

Haafiza was born and raised in Mumbai, India and belongs to an illustrious family of writers and artists. She graduated with honors and holds a degree in Fine Art from Sir. J. J. School of Art –Mumbai. She is also a trained Interior designer and has worked extensively in this field in the early days of her career. She has exhibited her work in more than 20 curated group
shows in UAE and Qatar.

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